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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. fox 5 all over three big stories tonight, 911 tapes revealing the first terrifying moments of the discovery building gunman's attack. metro putting the brakes on
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riders' weekend plans, the biggest track work project in decades starts right now. and hurricane earl churning up the east coast taking aim for new england, complete coverage coming up. but we begin tonight with those chilly 911 calls from discovery building. thanks for joining us. i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm brian bolter. almost as soon as james lee burst into the lobby 911 calls began pouring in and dispatchers knew they had a serious threat on their hands. fox 5's roz plater live in the newsroom with the knew details. >> you hear from work -- new details. >> you hear from workers hiding in the building who say when lee began taking hostages she ran for her leaf and you'll hear the detail from -- life and you'll hear the detail from security personnel on the inside. >> 911. >> there is a man at one discovery place inside the lobby of discovery communications. >> one discovery place? >> yes. and he's got a gun. he's going through the front desk. he's got people on the floor. >> the first terrified callers
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phoned just after 1:00 wednesday afternoon. police say james lee was already in place in the lobby of the discovery building and had begun taking hostages. >> when i walked by him, he said nobody move and shot in the air and then i ran. >> reporter: investigators say lee had two boxes and two backpacks filled with explosives. he began pulling out pipe bombs and strapping them to his chest. >> the yellow backpack is strapped around him. it looks like a little harness. it has two yellow bottles and a red one, ma'am. >> yellow bottles and red bottles. >> yes. he got the officer on the floor, ma'am. >> the officers are coming lights and sirens. >> reporter: inside building a security is of watching a surveillance camera painted this chilling picture of the gravity of the situation. >> he's got a monitor on the suspect that you've been advised of. >> it looks like he's got an iud. it looks like he's setting some sort of explosive device in the lobby. so you'll probably need a
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sniper. >> reporter: street preacher christopher carl said he was stunned to hear the news wednesday night. he had spotted lee about 11:30 that morning headed to the bus depot near the wheaton mall metro. >> he had this green outfit, you know, the military outfit, and his cap and pushing the two boxes. >> reporter: he remembered lee from an uncomfortable encounter on a metrobus two weeks before. he says lee began yelling when he tried to give him a picture of jesus. >> he ripped it apart, threw it at me. on the bus i was treated this way. honestly i was scared for everybody on the bus. >> reporter: now police say they got good information from those callers, but after nearly four hours of negotiations they had to move in to protect those hostages. >> do we have any new information whether lee used a car to get to this building? >> reporter: police have been investigating that, but if you listen to the account from the street preacher, that could explain how he got to the discovery building. apparently he of seen heading to the bus depot, which is not far from his wheaton home,
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pushing that cart with a couple boxes and some backpacks. >> roz plater reporting live. started off as a traffic stop, turned into a foot chase, spilled into an evacuation and search inside the mall furniture warehouse. the wild scene started in forestville when the fbi and police tried to stop two people wanted in connection with a carjacking in d.c. they arrested the driver, but the passenger proved harder to take down. >> several canine units from prince george's county were used and had a very smooth operation but unfortunately we didn't come up with the second suspect. >> the evacuation at marlo furniture lasted hours. police and sheriffs officers thanked workers for their cooperation. now to a developing story that could impact your weekend plans. metro is doing maintenance work on one of its busiest lines. five redline stations will be closed through tuesday morning. fox 5's wisdom martin is live at the glenmont station tonight. >> reporter: they're doing their best to get out the word,
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put up signs at several other stations letting people know what's going on and are making announcements on a regular basis to let people know the next three days certain metro stations will be shut down. to some people doing all this work over this three-day weekend is a great idea and to others it's a bit of an inconvenience. >> track maintenance will take place over the labor day weekend. >> reporter: it's one of the biggest maintenance projects in metro's 34 year history. >> we're doing track work, tie work, communication work, platform work. we're doing system replacement of some of our standing pipes. so we're getting a lot of maintenance work done. >> reporter: 500 workers and four contractors will be replacing track switches, installing 750 new track fasteners, 1,720 new cross ties and 525 feet of new track. in order to get that work ton, metro is closing five red -- done, metro is closing five redline stations this weekend between the takoma and glenmont
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stations. >> it's a catch 22. you have the tourists here who need the metro and it's shut down. on the other hand, when do they have three-day weekends? they have doodoo it sometime. >> most of us are not -- to do it sometime. >> most of us are not working during this time. >> the work has to be done. so i think that's probably a reasonable time. people know in advance and have to make other plans. it would be worse during the week. >> reporter: worse for customers who would have to deal with 150 deals of single tracking and more expensive for metro. by doing the work on this three- day weekend metro will save more than a million dollars in late night maintenance costs. >> yeah. i think it's a good idea if that's what it takes to be safe. >> reporter: the metro plans to be back in business early tuesday morning. they plan to offer some bus service to some of their customers as well. so if you have to use that bus service, you should probably be build in about 45 minutes to your trip. >> you can find everything you need to know about the metro
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work and closures on hurricane earl is skirting up the east coast heading toward new england right now. this is what it did to north carolina's outer banks. houses have become islands. at least one pier has been left in pieces. the storm has been downgraded to a cat 1 moving north. let's get down to gary mcgrady in the fox 5 weather center. even a cat 1 can do damage. >> that's exactly right and there was some minimal wind damage on the outer bank, but most of that damage all due to a storm surge and just rough surf down there and that pretty much goes the same for all the way up virginia, maryland, delaware and now watching hurricane earl just south of the cape up in cape cod, new england. let's go on over and show you what's happening. this is earl. now in the last few frames of imagery here it almost looks like earl is trying to move more east of northeast, but these things still wobble a
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little bit. so it's hard to say if that's going to be something that it decides to do over a long term period and any more movement to the east is a good thing because it will take the core of winds and keep it away from the cape, but they will have a lot of pounding surf up there to deal with, too. in term of its intensity, now this is from the 8:00 observation from the national hurricane center. winds continue to come down now, down to 75 miles per hour just barely a category 1 hurricane and the movement still at present anyway from the national hurricane center is to the northeast and that speed is increasing. that forward speed is increasing up to about 23 miles per hour and it looks like again any of the hurricane force sustained winds should stay offshore of the cape. they potentially will get some hurricane gusts, hurricane warnings still in effect up there and it is going to be a very rough night, there's no doubt, but he's moving quicker
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and he'll get on along headed towards nova scotia by tomorrow afternoon. earl is moving out of here. we have a beautiful holiday weekend in the wake. we'll talk more about that in a bit. cape cod is known for being a picturesque new england town, quiet and cozy. tonight everyone there is hoping it stays that way even as earl lashes at the coast. fox's jennifer davis is on the cape tonight. >> reporter: even as earl continues to lose its strength, massachusetts governor says his state is preparing for a very serious storm. >> we've had them before and we'll have them again. >> reporter: after whipping the north carolina coastline with heavy wind and rain earl may be weakening at a quicker pace than expected. warnings are in effect around cape cod as well as a popular summer vacation island spot of martha's vineyard and nantucket. >> we'll go out to a shelter that's been set up at the high school and assist them with snacks and drinks until we know exactly what's going to happen
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with the storm. >> reporter: the national hurricane center says most of earl's strong winds are expected to stay off cape cod. that's good news for those in the area. >> it can't be a big deal when i see all these other people out here. >> i mean if things happen, there's plenty of places. so i think we'll be okay. >> reporter: despite the impending storm shops and restaurants were pretty busy with tourists. >> we're staying. >> reporter: any concerns? >> we're ready. we have all our supplies and the house is safe. >> we love going out in storms. >> reporter: but earl is causing problems for many travelers along the east coast. amtrak suspended train service between new york and boston until saturday morning and continental airlines has canceled at least 60 flights. president obama declared a state of emergency for massachusetts to facilitate federal disaster funding if necessary. jennifer davis, fox news. back at home hurricane earl didn't bring much more than cloudy skies and cooler temperatures, but in ocean city, maryland, the water is a
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little rough, waves higher than usual and the tourists tried to get a small taste of the beach but authorities say safety is still their biggest priority there. >> the problems will be it's a rough surf will be left behind in the rip current. so we'll be on heightened alert both saturday and sunday with the conditions of the water and we'll make a decision on a take by day, hour by hour basis as to what is safe and isn't safe for people to do. >> the beaches officially open but no one is allowed in water today and at time the storm sent surges up to the protective storm wall. the d.c. mayoral race heating up, the two candidates duking it out right here on fox 5. we have the mayoral hopeful play-by-play coming up next. and look at this line in the district. find out what made families line up for hours. and paul mccartney, is he really dead? that's what one director seems to think and he's got a new film debuting here tonight. he wants you to see it. we're taking you inside the
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nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. who do you want leading the
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nation's capital? the top mayoral contenders go head to head next.
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well, at the last debate you asked me that and i'll answer it again. >> you didn't answer it then. >> no. i'll answer it and you didn't answer my question. >> see mayor adrian fenty and council chair vincent gray going head to head during an hour long debate this morning. the top two contender argued over ethics in office, crime fighting strategies and who would bring the strongest leadership to the wilson be. fox 5's paul wag -- building. fox 5's paul wagner has a recap. >> reporter: they were asked something more personal. >> one mistake people are right to point out is the mistake surrounding baseball tickets and the city council. i've not only acknowledged that mistake, but we've corrected it and will make sure it doesn't happen again. i think it goes toward making sure we understand that we have to be more inclusive and bring people into the fold. >> reporter: the mayor has said
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everybody makes mistakes. what mistakes have you made as chairman of city council or serving on council? >> well, actually i'm very proud of the record that we have with the council. i have searched myself to see if there's more that i could have done to work with the mayor. i believe that we have reached out as effectively as we possibly can. >> reporter: the mayor defended crime fighting strategies like all hands on deck and the trinidad checkpoints that have been ruled either illegal or unconstitutional, but laid them at the feet of chief kathy la near. >> they were not my crime fighting strategies. i support them wholeheartedly because they are chief leneir's crime fighting strategies. >> i find it amazing the chief executive takes credit for things that go well and places the blame on those who work for him. the reality is what he crime fighting strategies are exercised in the district of columbia are the responsibility of the mayor. >> reporter: in the final question each candidate was asked how they envision the city over the next four years if their opponent were to win.
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>> well, i think we will continue to have the kind of ethical issues that we've seen thus far. my opponent loves to stand there and say it's not $82 million in contracts involved when, in fact, it is. >> where i have a problem with him is on his management experience. his record will show that his chief management experience is a four years he served as director of the department of human services. i've already pointed out the failings of him being able to balance the budget, of being able to provide services for lower income residents. >> reporter: gray also complained about fenty's refusal to work closely with the council while the mayor countered he was only a phone call away. paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> at the end of the debate mayor fenty called gray a decent person. they shook hands. for the first time ever people in maryland are casting primary votes early. the voting got underway today and the polls will be open through the 9th. however, they will be closed
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sunday. maryland's primary is tuesday, the 14th. you can blame the tourists all you want, but allstate says d.c. has the worst drivers in the country. this is the third year in a row the district got the distinction from the insurance company. allstate said district residents wreck their cars about once every five years. their chances of having an accident are more than 95% better than anybody else in country. second worst? right at 95, baltimore. the best driving you can go to ft. collins, colorado. virginia governor has ordered extended dmv hours throughout the holiday weekend to help process the driver's license backlog from last week's computer backlog. only 14 locations will offer the extended hours, though. the hours are 8:00 to 6:00 saturday, 1:00 to 5:00 sunday and on labor day even 8:00 to noon. time are tough and many are struggling. that. , thousands lined up today hoping to get help with their
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gas, water and electric bills. we have the story from the d.c. convention center. >> reporter: the number of people needing assistance with their utilities here in the district this year is really hard to believe. just take a look for yourself. that is the front of the convention center. you can see the line stretches down this block and then just about as far as you can see this way. talk to anyone in this line and they'll tell you recently life hasn't been so great. >> it's sad. it's sad that you have to stand out here in this long line. >> reporter: sandra pierre is a single mother and is unemployed. her electricity bill is just too much for her to handle. >> the way pepco is sky high now, you know. you get ahead. then you fall behind, you know. every time you turn around the bills are higher and higher. >> reporter: a similar story from geraldine williams who lost her job in february and hasn't been able to find another. >> times been tough.
10:20 pm
jobs are tough. crying to get a place is tough. >> reporter: the -- trying to get a place is tough. >> reporter: the thousands who lined up today were brought into this huge room and given a number. when their number was called, they walked upstairs to sit down with someone to talk about exactly what help they needed. >> the way it works is if your income is sufficiently low, then you qualify and then the benefit depends on your income and size of family. >> reporter: who pays for all this help? well, the utility companies do pitch in and some of the money comes from the federal government. for many of these folks it's not one bill they are behind on, but several. >> my water is in the hundreds. my gas is about 200 my electric about 300. >> my gas and electric, the utilities and food is ever going up. so yes, it is expensive. >> reporter: for sandra pierre luck hasn't been on her side, but she hopes maybe today a
10:21 pm
little help will get her back on track. >> anything will help. >> reporter: many of the folks waited in line for hours just to see a representative and hand over their paperwork, but they won't find out today if they actually got the assistance that they need. that will come in the mail later. in northwest matt ackland fox 5 news. >> if you live in the district and couldn't make it today, you can apply for help through the mail or in person at the d.c. department of the environment. go to and click on web links for the information. bp took another step in permanently killing the ruptured oil well in the gulf. today crews removed the damaged blow-out preventer. during the height of the spill the preventer failed to stop oil from spewing into the gulf. now bp has to carefully fish out preventer under close watch of federal government. the suspects accused of killing a young boy and his sister face a judge. tonight we're learning about a shocking twist in this case, how the alleged killers and
10:22 pm
their victims are related. plus one florida boy is learning a tough lesson and his punishment is on display for just about everybody to see. 
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disturbing new details in a quad drew murder, two women, two young children -- in a quadruple murder, two women and two young children found shot to death in an atlanta home. we have the update. >> reporter: neither darrell bellard nor tkeisha gilmer spoke during the hearing, but both apparently had plenty to say to police on the day of the murders. a detective testified bellard was at the lan ham home when police arrived to find the body of 38-year-old dawn brooks, 41- year-old mwasiti sikyala and two children. all four were shot to death. gilmer was questioned and told police she and bellard drove from texas to sell marijuana in
10:26 pm
maryland and stashed in the lanham house but when they hushed august 6th dawn brooks told them someone had taken it from the home. bellard was enraged and searched from the drugs in the debris filled home, then took gilmer outside where they got two guns, capital back in and according to gilmer bellard shot all four. her lawyer argued confession had been coerced saying gilmer was mentally ill. the judge sided with the prosecution. >> the judge determined there's probable cause to allow us to move forward with the case and hold the defendants and we thought that was the right ruling for sure. >> reporter: detectives also found drug money stashed at the laurel home of bellard's brother, his wife bridget is don brooks sister. so darrell bellard is accused of murdering his brother's niece and nephew. >> it is still unclear if the state's attorney will pursue the death penalty. new maryland law requires dna
10:27 pm
connecting the suspect to the crime, a videotape of a crime being chit anded or a videotape -- committed or a videotape confession for a capital murder tape. is this man really paul mccartney? one director doesn't think so and his conspiracy theory film debuts here tonight. and the urge to shop but don't have the cash? we have tips to help you get high end merchandise at bargain basement prices. and a new study says your hair can tell your doctor when you're about to suffer a heart attack, the warning signs coming up. d
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that the voice of the beatles george harrison confessing to a coverup that would shock the world? is paul mccartney dead? the rumors raged for years beginning in the late '60s. the band's beloved charmer killed in a car crash expected replaced by a look alike?
10:31 pm
out now a new documentary explores the rumors and the so- called clues. fox 5's bob barnard takes a look. ♪when i find myself in times of trouble ♪ >> reporter: who was that musical man on stage at the white house this summer? of course, it was the ageless beatle sir paul mccartney or was it? >> it's been a terrible burden of guilt. >> reporter: according to a new documentary called paul mccartney really is dead, the last testament of george harrison. >> i want to say how much we all loved paul. >> reporter: paul mccartney was killed in a car crash in 1966. >> they had covered up the death at the behest of her majesty's government and the british intelligence service mi5 who were afraid there would be a rash of suicides worldwide if paul mccartney's death was made public. >> reporter: director joel gilbert says his conclusions are based on statements made by another beatle found on two mini cassette tapes.
10:32 pm
>> so we have taken these tapes that has george harrison's voice on it and showed the entire film of the era chronologically and george harrison himself narrates this film. >> reporter: gilbert says the man we have celebrated these past 44 years is a guy named william campbell discovered during a secret paul mccartney look alike contest. >> the beatles came out and denied it and then did he broke up within six months. >> reporter: gilbert's documentary had its premier at this beatles tribute festival at national harbor. >> is paul mccartney dead? honestly i don't know. >> i don't think he's really dead because i saw him in concert about a year ago. >> there couldn't be two with that type of musical genius roaming the planet. >> reporter: bruce spieser researched and has written several books about the beatles. >> it's simply not true. he's not william campbell in disguise or anything like that. >> reporter: yet the documentary makes a compelling
10:33 pm
argument. >> so where's the evidence? mr. bill gilbert says you can find -- gilbert says you can find it littered throughout the beatles extensive body of work. take a look at the cover of the sergeant pepper lonely hearts club band album. >> that scene is essentially a funeral for paul mccartney. if you look at the lyrics, they say he died at 5:00 wednesday morning. we had a pool of tears and if you play some of the songs backwards. >> reporter: mere coincidence as the fab four have claimed. what do you think? bob barnard, fox 5 news. >> well, that's not all the documentary claims. it also claims john lennon was assassinated when he threatened to exposing the imposter. you can see our full interview on american idol could be close to inking a deal with a brand-new judge, not official but tmz reports jennifer lopez has all but signed on the dotted line. paperwork is expected to be
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filed sometime next week. j-lo will join randy jackson, the only remaining original judge. simon, ellen and kara left last season. do you do most of your shopping online? you might be getting some of the best deals as companies are getting more creative to get consumers to spend their hard earned cash. we'll hear the explanation. >> reporter: wondering where your friends and co-workers are just around lunchtime? they could be shopping online browsing for good deals on high end products. here's how it works. certain sites offer merchandise at reduced prices which they acquire by getting low selling or overstocked inventory from luxury retailers. >> every day at 11:00 boutiques launch our members find out about these through e-mail. they go in and these boutiques last 48 hours. they're access to the very most exclusive brands in the world
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another key facility, it's availability up to 70% off. you can actually go to for an exclusive access. >> reporter: you have to act fast. the sales are over in 36 hours. >> i think it's a good fit for the way guys shop. they're more target focused. it's almost shopping as a competitive sport. well, they've only been in class a few days and you might be hearing complaints already, but we have tips how to keep your kids' books and computers from weighing down their backpacks next. some people take months, even years to plan a wedding, but turns out you can do whole thing on one five-hour car ride. at least if a hurricane comes knocking. but first google is looking to get into the music business. fox's stuart varney has details in tonight's business report. >> stocks up even though job losses are piling up.
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the economy shedding 54,000 jobs last month. that said the jobless -- sent the jobless rate rising to 9.6%, more than 100,000 temporary census workers let go, but the private sector added 67,000 jobs. that news helping to boost the dow, blue chips gaining 127 points today surging nearly 300 points on the week. the dow is back in positive territory for the year. bp saying the oil spill in the gulf has already cost the company $8 billion. that includes paying damage claims, drilling and the relief well and cleaning up the spill. google is looking to get into the music business. the tech giant is reportedly working on an online music store that would compete with apple's itunes. it could launch by christmas. campbell's profits are suped up. the soup company's quarterly earnings spiking 64% and that beat estimates and that's business. i'm stuart varney.
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no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
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a florida family relying on tough love and a little public embarrassment to teach that 13- year-old a lesson. this is freddie mcleod's punishment for being suspended for fighting. he has to hold that sign two hours next to a busy intersection at miami gardens. it says i don't know how to behave in school. if i continue i'll end up working hard for little money. freddie's mom and uncle came up with the idea. >> whatever it takes to make him behave i'm willing to do it. i told him it's an embarrassment to me to have to have the school call me over and over and over again when i'm trying my best to raise him as a good little boy. >> let him learn a lesson. this is what happens when you don't want to do right. >> the big lesson is not to get
10:42 pm
in trouble in school. >> freddie's mom says she understands the punishment is embarrassment, but she wants to understand at least him how she feels when she gets phone calls from his school. the family behind the balloon boy hoax is on the move relocating from colorado to florida and left behind this mess. the landlord said they left stuff everywhere at the house. last year you may remember richard heene told authorities his 6-year-old floated away in that silver balloon. since he's on probation after serving time for that hoax he registered with authorities in florida this morning. coming up tonight at 11:00 a businessman accused of running a foreclosure rescue scam. d.c. claims he preyed on homeowners in financial trouble. one woman tells how she lost nearly everything. also ahead. >> reporter: job training for ex-offenders. unemployment is an issue in the d.c. mayor's race. coming up how the candidates weigh in. if you're one of those guys who refuses to ask for directions, you're costing
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after spending an entire year of planning a maryland couple's beach wedding seemed to be swept away by then hurricane earl. that's not the case. tonight the couple is husband and wife after saying i do this afternoon. fox 5's beth parker shows us what some love and determination can do. >> reporter: kenny atwell and jeanine planned their dream wedding on the water by a lighthouse in the outer banks. family and friends rented four houses. earl was following just behind them. >> they called our house at 8:00 in the morning wednesday there was a message saying the island was evacuated, mandatory. >> reporter: so they moved to another part of the outer banks, but they were forced to evacuate again and this time they headed home to charles
10:47 pm
county. however, they made good use of the time. >> so we were in the car on the way home from north carolina 5 1/2 hours, planned the entire wedding. >> we call it the blackberry wedding because it all went down on the blackberry. >> reporter: they had to pull a lot of strings, but in one day they found a church, a bakery and a place for the reception. >> we got a call in the afternoon and it was an emergency situation. >> a cake emergency. >> cake emergency. >> reporter: debra taylor, a charles street bakery -- at charles street bakery doesn't know the couple personally. >> i feel sorry for the bride. >> reporter: at the salon around the corner her hairdresser was happy to help. a judge even waived the 48 hour waiting period to give them a last minute marriage license. >> i think it really shows how many people really love and care about you when people come together to try to make something really special happen for you. if we could make it through
10:48 pm
this, we can make it through anything. we've weathered the storm. >> in 10 years on the anniversary, i want to do the wedding down there again. >> reporter: they'll have to keep an eye on the forecast for september, 2020. in charles county beth parker, fox 5 news. a massive magnitude 7 earthquake shook parts of new zealand today causing widespread damage and some buildings collapsed, crashing down on cars, shattered wisheds. there were also reports of power outages. fortunately no injuries were reported. the quake did not trigger a tsunami alert. i mentioned then hurricane earl because this thing has been downgraded now. >> that's right. tropical storm now. >> it's been weakening fairly consistently for now. really for the last 36 hours. once it reached its peak intensity early thursday morning, it's been getting weaker. thanks thank goodness, too,
10:49 pm
because it's approaching -- thank goodness, too, because it's approaching the cape this weekend. it's still bringing pounding surf and high wind, but it looks like the threat of sustained hurricane winds has diminished. they could still potentially get a gust or two approaching hurricane force winds out there. here is earl now and pardon me because we are losing that last little frame there, but you can see how he's kind of moving up to the northeast. earlier it looked like he was trying to wobble out more to the east than northeast, but that was just a wobble and the hurricane center confirms that it continues to move to the northeast and they think that it might even try to turn a little bit more to the north and northeast later on this evening, but he's definitely weakening again and we just mentioned down to tropical storm force here and as he moves right up the coast today, the hiest of rain, the highest winds -- heaviest of the rain, the highest winds stayed offshore. we had a swath about 1 to 3
10:50 pm
inches of rainfall and winds down to the outer banks were over hurricane force winds. i saw a couple gusts up to 80 miles per hour, but again it looks like the real problems with earl has been right along the coastal areas with the pounding waves and beach erosion and the rough surf. that will continue, too at least the next 24 hours. here is nantucket now. these heavy bands coming on across and that's where the highest of the winds are living, too. so the gusts up here have been right about tropical storm force. winds right now at 70 miles per hour. of course, that's below hurricane force intensity and again the movement here continues to be at least for right now up to the northeast and it will continue to move. in the center of the storm will stay offshore from martha's vineyard, cape cod, nantucket, the massachusetts coastline right there, but again with all the notice coming around from the east and north -- flow coming around from the east and northeast those beaches are
10:51 pm
getting pounded tonight and pretty much over the next several hours. then it will weaken and head up towards nova scotia. believe it or not, in its wake our beaches this weekend will be very nice. i would tell you that tomorrow the surf would continue to be rough. the rip currents will continue to be strong and maybe that will weaken as we get into sunday and monday. so maybe they'll let you go back out in the water there, but tomorrow temperatures along the beaches for ocean city right around 80 degrees. sunday a little cooler but plenty of sunshine and on labor day temperatures again in the lower 80s with mostly sunny skies. the water temperature right around 73 to 74 degrees. pretty much the same across the bay. temperatures there in the upper 70s to right around 80 degrees. what about our labor day forecast? well, more of the same with this hot sunny weather, very nice. temperatures will be middle 80s, some around 84, some of you right around 86, maybe an
10:52 pm
87 degrees possible, too. 84, so we're mild now, but i'll tell you what. about the cold front is starting to move through -- the cold front is starting to move through. the winds are picking up and good stuff is headed our way. in town tonight upper 60s, clouds, breezy, temperatures in the suburbs in the lower 60s, cooler tomorrow, breezy, lots of sunshine, at least until afternoon. i think we could have some clouds form tomorrow afternoon, but we should stay mainly sunny. a little warmer sunday, certainly sunny. labor day looks great, temperatures 85 degrees. we warm up into the middle part of next week, but the humidity stays in check. so very, very nice. wave good-bye to earl. >> see ya. >> thank goodness. get out of here. >> thank you. iowa state university's bell tower chiming out a little lady gaga.
10:53 pm
[ bells ] >> i wouldn't have gotten it, but apparently some people did. that's gaga's hit song bad romance on the bells. one of the school's professors plays music in that tower at lunchtime. sometimes she takes requests and this is what she got. other songs she's played, shareway to heaven and bohemian rhapsody. >> i'm still trying to make it out. >> lady gaga just doesn't roll off the town either, does it? >> it doesn't? lady gaga. >> if you're under 30, i think it sounds better. >> okay. school has started and it is friday night which means it's time for the fox high school game of the week. >> it's the season opener for both teams in the winning match- up today at the cavaliers visited the revels. lindsay murphy is here with highlights and reaction. >> history repeats itself. since 2004w.t. woodson has gone 7-0 against fairfax in a game considered a huge rivalry. it was up to the rebels to try and end their losing skid or watch the cavaliers continue dominance.
10:54 pm
the rebels all fired up to get the season underway, but they would definitely have their hands full tonight. in the 1st quarter sophomore quarterback andrew mckay hit john stokes on a screen pass for a 20-yard touchdown, cavaliers on the board first 7- 0. later in the 1st half mckay again looking to stokes. he takes the pitch zigzagging through the middle, finds the sidelines and it's off to the races. 44 yards down to the 6-yard line. woodson scores a few plays later and would lead 14-0 at the half. stokes would not be denied thanks to nice blocking and good hands. he would earn that 10-yard touchdown, 20-0 woodson. on the defensive side of the ball woodson also dominant. linebacker michael reeves crushing fairfax's running back. that's a safety. cavaliers lead 22 -0. fairfax would get on the board. spencer mcleod hit sam beckett on a nice lob pass. the rebels trying to mount a comeback, but too much john stokes will hurt you, a 71-yard
10:55 pm
score here. 29-14, woodson is the winner. >> did you have any experience -- we had experience playing last year as a quarterback and tonight he did a food job carrying for us. >> one of my friends passed away and i kind of dedicated this game towards him and played for him. so that motivated me to play well through the whole game. >> coming up in sports at 11:00 an update on stephen strasburg's surgery. we'll be right back after this break. no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work.
10:56 pm
i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
apparently your hair could give you a heads up about a heart attack. your locks contain a hormone called cortisone. it's a marker for chronic stress. levels of the hormone measured in urine and blood only show just a snapshot of stress, but in hair it can provide a long term assessment of your stress levels. it is back to school time which moneys books and
10:59 pm
computers can weigh your kids down. we take a look how to keep your kid's backpack comfortable. >> it gets really heavy after a while. >> reporter: as a freshman at cherry creek high school jeff greenwald's backpack is packed full. we got a scale and with three textbooks her backpack weighs nearly 26 pounds, 27% of her body weight and she worries about the impact. >> sometimes my shoulders hurt a bit, but i mostly worry about permanent back damage. >> reporter: doctors hear complaints a lot like this at their school-based clinic. >> they may complain about back pain or shoulder pain or knees or hips. >> reporter: dr. joe craig says kids should carry no more than 10 to 20% of their body weight. >> because the kids pretty quickly get into a 30, 40-pound backpack and you're getting up to more like 1/3 of their body weight. >> reporter: he has not seen this cause permanent damage but warns this is a critical time in development. >> the idea is to b
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